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Guest Conduct Policy

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests attending events at the BMO Center, the following behavior or activities are grounds for refusal of entry or eviction (and possibly arrest) from the BMO Center.

  • Use of profanity or any offensive language.
  • Possession of illegal or unauthorized items
  • Obscene or indecent clothing.
  • Smoking inside the building.
  • Standing on seats or chairs.
  • Appearing overly intoxicated.
  • Entering or attempting to enter any "off limits" areas such as the playing surface, stage area, backstage or a restroom of the opposite sex.
  • Participating in a fight or verbally abusing, threatening or intimidating other guests or arena employees.
  • Throwing of any objects or projectiles at employees, guests, or performers; in seating areas, from balconies, ramps, stairwells or any other area; and onto the ice, stage, or performance area.
  • The BMO Center reserves the right to evict individuals for any other behavior deemed unacceptable.